Night screen


Protect your eyes from your smartphone's brightness


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Night screen is an app with one very simple goal in mind: to help you rest better. Night screen dims the brightness of your screen and applies a filter that reduces the blue light displayed by your smartphone and gives it a reddish tone instead that’s gentler on your eyes. This simple app helps your eyes strain less when there’s not much light (like when you’re checking your smartphone in bed) so you can sleep better.

Using the app’s settings, you can adjust the color temperature and the intensity of the filter you’ll be using. All the options are intuitive so you just have to pick the one that fits your current situation to begin benefiting from it.

Another interesting feature that Night screen offers is an automatic timer. This feature automatically activates and turns off the filter at a certain time. By default, the filter turns on at 10 p.m. and turns off at seven in the morning.

Night screen is an app that can help you improve your sleep time. This app is especially beneficial for those who tend to use their Android at night or that suffer from photosensitivity.